Ruta Mariana - Marian Route

Ruta Mariana - Marian Route

Montserrat mountain Barcelona

The Marian route includes five sanctuaries in Spain and France which are considered to be important centers of Marian devotion.

The five sancturies are El Pilar (in city of Zaragoza, Spain), Torreciudad (in region of Huesca Spain), Lourdes (in town of Lourdes in France), Montserrat (near Barcelona) and Meritxell ( in Canillo village in country of Andorra )

Tourists in Barcelona can visit two of the sanctuaries on the Marian Route which are Montserrat and Meritxell.

These cannot be visited on the same day but on separate day tours from Barcelona. 


Montserrat is very close to Barcelona.
Meritxell is in Andorra which can be visited on a full day tour from Barcelona

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