White Water Rafting Barcelona

White water Rafting Barcelona

You can experience the thrills of white water rafting near Barcelona. For those who don’t know what white water rafting is, it is an exciting extreme sport in which you paddle down a river in an inflatable raft, usually a rubber dinghy navigating through stretches of fast flowing water called “rapids.”

Whitewater river rafting is a very popular adventure sport near Barcelona, which almost anyone can try. It is a very thrilling and exciting ride guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping. The river rafting near Barcelona is perfect for beginners and rafting can be done from April to September/October. The rivers near Barcelona, where you can try white water rafting are rough enough to be very thrilling, but not wild enough to be very dangerous.

All river rafting has an small element of risk, but the river rafting companies near Barcelona have many years of experience, they only employ very experienced guides and after thousands of rides and guests, they are very proud of their excellent safety procedures and safety record.

Each river raft has a trained guide to steer and manage the boat and there is an extensive safety briefing before each rafting ride. Rafting tours come with wetsuits and safety helmets which are included in the price

A popular area for white water river rafting close to Barcelona is around the town of Sort (which means luck in the Catalan language) and on the river called This is around 3 hours drive from Barcelona.


What is Hidrospeed?

Hidrospeed is also popular whitewater river actitivty. It goes down the same stretch of river as the rafting, but the big difference is that instead of being in a raft, you are in the water hanging on to a a thick polystyrene body board which helps you float and swim down the rapids. The water is freezing – between 7 and 15 degrees depending on the time of year, but you will be wearing an extra padded wetsuit, neoprene gloves and socks – and flippers on your feet - so you won't get cold or injured just bumped around. For extra safety the hidrospeed tours have two instructors in kayaks who guide you down the 8 km swim, which takes around 45 minutes.

White water rafting near Barcelona

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