Marina Port Olimpic

41º 23' 12" N , 2º 12' 6" E
+34 932259220
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Port Olímpic de Barcelona marina. (In Spanish El Puerto Olímpico) Harbour and marina built in 1992 for 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona. Located in Vila Olimpica (Olympic Village area of Barcelona)

A new window to the sea and boating sports. The Port Olímpic was designed to be integrated into Barcelona's new maritime profile. Surrounded by two of the city's most important urban beaches, Somorrostro and Nova Icària, it faces the Olympic Village, today a dynamic residential neighbourhood, and is delimited by some of 1990s Barcelona's architectural icons: the Torre Mapfre, the Hotel Arts and the sinuous profile of Frank Gehry's statue.

Since April 2020, Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM) has been tacling the exciting challenge commissioned to it by Barcelona City Council: to transform the Port Olímpic into a space dedicated to city residents. A revamped area where the blue economy, boating, food and the sea will become the heart of economic and social activity. 

The Port Olímpic is going in this direction, and with a clear horizon: the America's Cup. In anticipation of this important event to be held in Barcelona in 2024, work is gathering momentum to turn the Port into a new link between the daily life of the city and the sea.

The generation of quality public space with wide promenades and rest areas right next to the Mediterranean Sea, the reconnection of the Port Olímpic with the environment and sea-linked economic revitalisation are the main features shaping this new path.

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