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Diada de Castellers Sagrada Família

XXè Aniversari dels Castellers de la Sagrada Família

Event date: Sunday 23/10/2022
Event time: from 12:00 to 15:00
Event location: Carrer Marina, 253 by Sagrada Familia basilica 

Diada de Castellers de la Sagrada Família. Castellers de la Sagrada Família. Annual day of human towers at the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona by Castellers de la Sagrada Familia. 

Castellers Sagrada Familia
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Event address & map

Sagrada Familia church   -   Website
Plaza de la Sagrada Familia
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How to get to La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia basilica Barcelona. Also called Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. The unfinished church La Sagrada Familia by Catalan architect Anton Gaudi is Barcelona's most famous landmark, and the most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona. Although the building of this church started in 1883, when Gaudi agreed to take over a cathedral project that was already under way, it is still not finished.

Plaça de la Sagrada Família
08013 Barcelona, Spain

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Getting to the Sagrada Familia church

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Nearest Metro station Sagrada Famila L5 (blue) and L2 (purple)
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Bus lines: 19, 33, 34, 43, 44, 50, 51, N1, N7, N9 i N10


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Diada de Castellers Sagrada Família 2022
Sagrada Familia church - Barcelona

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