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Lunes de Pascua Granada - public holiday 2024

Public holiday - Lunes de Pascua Granada o segunda Pascua 

Event date:
Monday 20th May 2024

Event location:
Public holiday in Barcelona only.

Lunes de Pascua Granada also called segunda Pascua. Public holiday in Barcelona only. Lunes de Pasqua Granada o segunda Pascua. Local holiday in Barcelona but not all Catalunya or Spain.

Dilluns de Pasqua Granada is the day after Pentecost sunday ( or Whit Sunday) and a public holiday in Barcelona. It is also called pentecostés or pascua granada. The puente (name for long weekend in Spain) is called el Puente Pascua Granada. In the Christian faith Pentecost is seven weeks after Easter and commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the twelve apostles. 

Are shops open?

Most shops are closed on public holidays. The only shopping mall that is partially open on public holidays in Barcelona is Maremagnum mall in Port Vell marina in the Cuitat Vella. The luxury outlet mall La Roca Village is also open on public holidays all year round. La Roca is one hour north of Barcelona and has a shuttle bus service from the city center. Barcelona museums, tourist attractions and cinemas are mostly open on Public holidays..

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Lunes de Pascua Granada o segunda Pascua - Public holiday
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