Barcelona public holidays 2017

Public holidays Barcelona & Spain 2017

A public holidays, or bank holiday, is called día festivo, dia feriado or fiesta nacional in Spanish language. In the Catalan language it is a dia festiu.

Catalonia is an autonomous province of Spain so Barcelona has both the Spanish national holidays and the autonomous regional holidays! For residents of Barcelona there are about 15 official public holidays in Barcelona/Catalonia every year and then some "puentes" on top if you work for a typically Spanish company. See what "puentes" are further down this page 
Barcelona celebrates three types of public holidays 

-National Spanish public holidays
-Catalonia public holidays (Catalonia is a autonomous province of Spain) 
-Barcelona city public holidays

Public holidays Catalonia & Barcelona

New Year's Day 
(Any Nou) 
1 January 2017

Three Kings Day 
(Reis Mags) 
6 January 2017

Good Friday 
(Divendres Sant) 
Friday 14th April 2017  (about Barcelona Easter)
Easter Monday
(Dilluns de Pasqua)
Monday 17 April 2017

May Day Labour day 
(Festa del Treball) 
1st May 2017

Second Easter (White Monday)
(Lunes de Segunda Pascua) 
5th June 2017

St John
(Sant Joan)
24th June 2017 (about Sant Joan festival)

Assumption of Mary
(Verge de l'Assumpció) 
15th August 2017

Catalunya National Day
(Diada de Catalunya) 
11th September 2017

La Mercè
feast day of Our Lady of Mercy
(La Mercè)
24th September 2017 (about Merce Festival)

Spain national day
(Festa Nacional d’Espanya)
12th October 2017

All Saints' Day 
(Tots Sants) 
1st November 2017

Spain's Constitution Day
(Dia de la Constitució) 
6th December 2017

Day of the Immaculate Conception
(La Immaculada)
8th December 2017

Christmas Day
25th December 2017 (about Barcelona Christmas)

Boxing Day
(Sant Esteve) 
26th December 2017

On a public holiday banks, many businesses, shops and most museums are closed.  In Barcelona city center bars and restaurants are usually open. Cinemas are also open  on public holidays and of course hospitals and emergency services are always open on public holidays in Spain and Barcelona. Public transport is open and on some days the metro service runs all night. Taxis might have higher rates for trips on public holidays in Spain.

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Please note also that it is common in Barcelona and Spain not to work on the day that comes in between a public holiday (dia festivo) and the weekend, if the public/bank holiday is on a Tuesday or Thursday. That way you get a long weekend. This is called “to make a bridge" or "hacer puente" in Spanish. Please note that many Barcelona residents leave the city on big “puente” weekends, so book in advance, if you want to leave town and be prepared for long traffic delays leaving and returning to Barcelona at start and end of puente weekends. 

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