How many tourists visited Barcelona in 2023

How many tourists visited Barcelona in 2023

Number of people staying in Hotels in Catalonia
1,159,905 tourists/persons stayed at hotels in Catalonia in 2023 according the Spanish Statistics Institute (INE). This is 6.98% over 2022 figures 1,085,088, and 2.4% over 2019 figures 1,132,586 persons.

Number of hotel overnight stays
2,523,969 overnight stays were registered in 2023 by INE, which is 4.37% over 2022 and 3.66% over 2019.

70% of all stays were in Barcelona, with 809,007 people staying in hotels, followed by Girona with 161,812, Tarragona with 111,014, and Lleida with 78,072 people.

The hotel occupancy rate reached 45.91%, which is 1.6% over 2022. 

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