Profile - Costa de Maresme coast, Spain

Profile - Costa de Maresme coast, Spain

The Costa Maresme is the geographical coast line along the Mediterranean Sea to the north-east of Barcelona city. It starts at Malgrat de Mar and ends at Blanes where the Costa Brava coastline starts. There are many lovely beaches on the Costa de Maresme and you can take the train from station Catalunya on Plaza Catalunya for a cheap ticket price. Trains are air-conditioned and run along the coast with nice views.

The beaches before Matero can still be quite crowded in the summer but not as manic as Barcelona's beaches. After Mataro the beaches are quieter and here you can find the nicest places (in our opinion) on the Costa de Maresme which are the villages of Caldes d’Estrac and Sant Pol de Mar. 

The coastal city of Mataró is the capital city of the Maresme region. Mataró is an industrial city with a large port. The first train line in Spain was Barcelona to Mataró which was built in 1848 and this opened up the Maresme to summer visitors when the wealthy Barcelona families started building summer residences in the Maresme. 

These are the costa's coastlines in Catalonia, Spain

Costa Brava
Costa Maresme
Costa del Garraf
Costa Dorada

The Costa de Barcelona has been officially registered by the city of Barcelona in 2011 as a tourist brand to promote the regions of Maresme , Garraf , Baix Llobregat and Alt Penedès which are all beach destinations less than an hour's drive from Barcelona. 

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