How to get to Tarragona from Barcelona

How to get to Tarragona from Barcelona

Tarragona is on the Costa Dorada coast. It is a city of around 95,000 inhabitants. It is 1 hour south of Barcelona by car, bus, train or day tour

Tarragona was the Roman imperial city Tarraco. It has many well preserved Roman ruins including partial ruins of a Roman Amphitheatre, a Roman circus, Roman walls and part of a Roman aqueduct (outside the city).

Tarragona is now the capital of the Spanish province of the same name and the capital of the Catalan comarca Tarragonès. 

The Roman ruins of Tarraco have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In May Tarragona organises an annual Roman festival called Tarraco Viva.
It is easy to get to Tarragona from Barcelona by car, by train, by bus or on a Day tour from Barcelona.

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Getting to Tarragona

By Train

There are many daily train connections from Barcelona to Tarragona. You can take a regional train (travel time 1 hour and 20 minutes) or the high-speed AVE train (travel time 30 to 60 minutes.)
In our opinion, the regular regional train is more convenient for 1 day trips to Tarragona to visit the Roman ruins because you travel along the coast and are closer to the Roman ruins when you arrive.
The high speed station is inland and the AVE station - called Camp de Tarragona - is a little inland so you have to transfer to Tarragona from the AVE station by taking the Plana bus service to get to and from “Camp de Tarragona” station to the Tarragona bus station and then make your way to the Roman ruins. The regular trains arrive on the coast and there is a new and easy walk-way up to the medieval city area and Roman ruins except the aquaduct which is 4km outside Tarragona and best reached by car, taxi - or as part of a tour.

By Car

Take the AP-7 motorway or N-340 road to get to Barcelona. The N-420 road goes to Reus.
Google maps Barcelona -Tarragona

By Bus

Take the bus to and from Tarragona bus station which has bus companies for domestic routes like ALSA and for international routes Eurolines  
Take the Plana bus service to get to and from “Camp de Tarragona” train station to the Tarragona bus station.
ALSA buses has daily bus routes to Tarragona from Barcelona

Flights / Airport

Nearest airports to Tarragona are Barcelona airport and Reus Airport.

Hotels in Tarragona

Where to stay in Tarragona. There are a few nice choices to stay near the Roman ruins. There are no hotels in the Tarragona gothic area itself.

Hotels Tarragona
Hotel Lauria near Roman ruins
Alexandra Aparthotel near Roman ruins
hotel Sant Jordi
hotel AC Tarragona
Apartments Tarragona
Apartment Solatwin

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