Weather in Barcelona in January

Weather in Barcelona in January

Updated January 2024

As winter envelopes Barcelona in January, the city takes on a unique charm marked by cooler temperatures and a quieter atmosphere. Planning a visit during this time requires a strategic approach to packing, ensuring you're prepared for the nuances of Barcelona's winter weather.

Temperature overview:

Celsius (°C): January in Barcelona brings a winter chill, with daytime temperatures generally ranging between 8°C to 14°C degrees Celsius. Evenings can be cooler, dipping to around 5°C degrees Celsius.

Fahrenheit (°F): For those more familiar with Fahrenheit, daytime temperatures hover between 46°F to 57°F degrees, while evenings can be a bit cooler at around 41°F degrees.


In January, Barcelona experiences a moderate amount of rainfall. On average, the city receives around 40 to 50 millimeters (1.6 to 2 inches) of precipitation during this month. While January is not the wettest month in Barcelona, visitors should be prepared for occasional rain showers, and having a waterproof jacket or coat, as well as an umbrella, can be useful during your stay.


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What to wear in Barcelona in January?

Here are some tips for packing.

Warm layers: Include warm layers in your packing list, such as hoodies, sweaters and a warm jacket. Add thermal wear, warm hats and scarves, especially if you are planning to visit mountain areas like Montserrat or Andorra.

Waterproof clothes: A waterproof jacket or coat, along with a compact umbrella, will keep you dry during occasional rain showers.

Comfortable shoes: Choose comfortable and weather-appropriate shoes for walking around the city. No sandals or flip-flops in January. Consider waterproof options if rain is in the forecast.

Warm accessories: Don't forget to pack cozy accessories like warm cap, light gloves and a scarf for added warmth, especially in the evenings or if visiting hill and mountain areas.

Gym wear: Many hotels have fitness centers and spa, so remember to pack swim gear and training wear.

Last minute shopping

Shops for last minute shopping in Barcelona

El Corte Inglés department store
Decathlon - inexpensive sports store
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