What to wear in Barcelona in July

What to wear in Barcelona in July?



What clothes should you pack for a visit to Barcelona in July? Weather in July in Barcelona is usually hot and moderately humid with air temperatures in the shade during the day from 28C / 82F to 33C / 91F. Pack light summer clothes like shorts, skirts, T-shirts. For footwear, bring sandals or flip-flops for the beach - and good walking shoes for sightseeing. Flips-flops are essential on the beach in July because the sand is very hot from mid-day onwards. 


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Barcelona is a very much a walking city. The narrow streets of the oldest district of Barcelona (called Ciutat Vella) are best explored on foot, so bring light, confortable trainers or walking shoes for wandering around the city. Comfortable footwear with good grip is also essential if you plan any day tours outside Barcelona. Many visitors choose to spend a day visiting destinations outside Barcelona, like Montserrat, Tarragona or Andorra and here the landscape is hilly and mountainous, so good footwear is essential too.

Bags & backpacks

Bring a light weight backbag than can be zipped up. Tote bags are not great for Barcelona, because they are an easy target for pickpockets who prey on tourists in the metro and near popular attractions. A drawstring backpack is ok but they are generally quite small if you have towels, sunscreen, books etc - and again the strings can be cut by pick-pockets. We recommend a very lightweight but study back-pack with straps, zips, and pockets. Near busy tourist attractions wear you backpack on the front - and keep a hand on it at all times near busy tourist atttractions.


Absolutly essential in Barcelona in July.

Visiting churches

When you visit the interior of churches, like Barcelona cathedral, kindly note that is considered a sign of respect to cover up a little. This means covering shoulders - and not wearing shorts or skirts that end above the knees.


Swimwear generally should only be worn on and near the beach - not in the city. You can be fined for wearing bikinis or shorts in pedestrian city areas. Barcelona is a modern coastal city with a beach, not a beach resort.

Dress code Barcelona nightlife

Top Barcelona night clubs have a strict dress code, so pack nice shoes, long trousers and a shirt or polo-shirt if you are going to smart clubs. You will probably be refused entry to exclusive night clubs Barcelona in shorts, flips-flops etc. even if they are designer flip-flops.

Summer sales

In July there are summer sales in Barcelona called 'rebajas' so there are plenty of great offers in the shops if you need some extra summer clothes. Find Barcelona shopping malls. To get more information about what to wear in Barcelona in July also we invite you to read our Barcelona weather page - and you might also be interested in our Barcelona guide to what's on in July.

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