What to wear in Barcelona in March

What to wear in Barcelona in March?

What to pack for a visit to Barcelona, Spain in March. The weather in Barcelona during March can be characterized as diverse.


March in Barcelona is a month has one foot in winter and the other in spring. The climate in March can fluctuate and in the same week it can be cold, windy, and rainy and then change to sunny, hot, and dry weather. Scroll down for packing tips for what to wear in Barcelona in March. Barcelona in March is generally ideal climate for visits and sightseeing without the intensity of summer heat. The beaches are too cold for swimming, but are perfect for leisurely strolls or beachside dining. Parks and gardens, including the lovely central Parc de la Ciutadella are in bloom.

Temparatures: March in Barcelona witnesses a gradual rise in temperatures, with daytime averages ranging from 12°C to 17°C degrees Celsius (54°F  to 63°F degrees  Fahrenheit). Evenings remain cool, with temperatures rarely dropping below 8°C degrees Celsius (46°F degrees Fahrenheit).

Rainfall: The chance of rain is less than January and February compared to the preceding months, providing a drier atmosphere for outdoor activities.

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What to pack for Barcelona in March?

Pack winter clothes with some summer clothes. For a March visit to Barcelona. we recommend you pack mostly winter wear, but perhaps throw in a set of summer wear like a pair of shorts and t-shirts.

But you should only plan to wear the summer gear in the mid-day sun. As mentioned the early mornings and evenings are far cooler than mid-day and if it's wet and windy. then it can turn cold.

So pack mostly warmish clothes like long trousers/jeans, sweater, fleece, cardigan, light anoracks and a cap, scarf and light gloves - the same stuff you would pack for the fall/autumn.

If you plan to be out all day on tours that have an early start or late finish, then be sure to bring a fleece or anorak. A good tip to take is a light foldable backpack with you during day to store for extra fleeces or caps, gloves etc.

If you are planning tours outside the city where there is also much to see, then remember that it can be quite a lot cooler at inland or at coastal destinations.

So if you plan to book day tours to Montserrat mountain or the Pyrenees mountains from Barcelona then be sure to pack warm clothes and bring good walking shoes with a good grip.

Dress code

Barcelona is generally a casual wear city, so jeans and T-shirts are fine for most occasions. But the top night clubs and dinner restaurants expect a little more from their guests. The top Barcelona night clubs have a very strict dress code, so pack nice shoes, long trousers and a shirt or polo-shirt for men and smart for women. The good news is that Barcelona is a great shopping city, so you are always pick something up if necssary. Check out the Barcelona shopping malls

 Read our Barcelona weather page for more weather information.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Barcelona in March. :-)

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