What to wear in Barcelona in September

What to wear in Barcelona in September?

In September Barcelona is usually warm and sunny with average air temperatures in the shade during the day around 25C/73F and at night around 19C/66F. 

We recommend that you wear light summer clothes like shorts, skirts, T-shirts, sandals and flip-flops for a visit to Barcelona in September but also bring long trousers and an wind jacket or anorak for chilly mornings and evenings, and in case of drops in temperature after storms.


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Wear UV protected clothes and always used sun lotion at mid-day. Try to avoid being exposed to sun from 1pm to 4pm. Heatwave tips.

Wear flip-flops on beach as the sand can still be hot in afternoon. Bring trainers or swalking hoes with a good grip if you are planning day tours outside Barcelona to hilly or mountainous regions.

Stay well hydrated during hot weather - remember to drink even if you are not thirsty to avoid becoming dehydrated. 

Please note that swim wear should only be worn near the beach not in the city. In the city you can be fined for only wearing bikinis or shorts. Barcelona is modern city with a beach, not a beach resort.

In general we recommend you the same clothes that you would wear at home in warm conditions and try not to look too touristy which can make you a mark for pickpockets in the popular tourist areas. Avoid wearing very expensive luxury items like high end watches and jewellery.

Read our article about how to avoid Barcelona pickpockets which has many safety tips about moving around Barcelona on foot, by car in the metro. With a few simple precautions you should not have problems.

What to wear in night clubs in Barcelona?

The top Barcelona night clubs have a strict dress code even when it's hot, so wear nice shoes, long trousers and a shirt or polo-shirt. Especially the men. You will not get into top clubs if you wear shorts, flips-flops etc.

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To get more information about what to wear in Barcelona read our Barcelona weather page and we also recommend that you read our tips about safety in Barcelona which might help you choose which bags and backpacks to bring. 

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