What is the city center of Barcelona?

What is the city center of Barcelona?

The city center of Barcelona is considered to be Plaça de Catalunya. It's called Plaça de Catalunya in the Catalan language

Plaza Cataluña ( in the Spanish language) is a large square that is between the 19th century part of Barcelona called Eixample and the medieval part of Barcelona called Ciutat Vella.

This is considering one of the best areas because staying on or near Plaça de Catalunya is most central and very well connected.

The square is between the ancient medieval Barcelona city area - called Ciutat Vella - and the more recent 19th century modernist area of Barcelona - called Eixample.

So if you are stay on or near Plaça de Catalunya, then you are most central which is most convenient for access to attractions, trains, airport buses, tourist office, day tours etc.

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