Barcelona trivia

Barcelona trivia

Trivia items about Barcelona that you might or might not know.

The Beatles in the Bull ring

The Beatles played a concert in Barcelona at the Monumental Bull ring on 3rd July 1965. Other bands who played in the bull ring of Barcelona include The Rolling Stones on 11 July 1976,  Bob Marley en 30th Juny 1980, Dire Straits on 9th May 1992 and the Boss, Bruce Springsteen on 3rd July 1992.

Since the Palau Sant Jordi was built in 1992 for the olympics the bull ring is not longer really used for big concerts, but the controversial bull fights still continue and often in the off season there are cirkus performances at the bull ring.

Hans Christian Andersen

Danish Fairytale Author Hans Christian Andersen visited Spain 3 times and particulary enjoyed Barcelona, which he called "the Paris of Spain."  His visit to Barcelona was in September of 1862 during a cold spell with constant rain. He was staying at the Hotel Oriente de la Rambla 45 In 1862 on one of his last days in Barcelona he witnessed first hand violent storms and a flash flood on the Rambla with flood water cascading down from the hills of Collserola. He wrote that water levels in the shops of La Rambla were up to "hip level.. Nevertheless Andersen loved Barcelona and apparently never tired of strolling on La Rambla. It was also in Barcelona according to his diaries that he got used to smoking cigars and decided that he enjoyed it. He had smoked his first cigars earlier the same year in Copenhagen, but didn´t really enjoy it until he repeated the experience on a Spanish balcony. He also experienced a bullfight during his stay. There is a plaque by the hotel Oriente door to commerate his visit. Other famous names who stayed at the Hotel Oriente on La Rambla 45 include General Grant,  Mary Pickford, Errol Flynn and Maria Callas.

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingways favourite bar in Barcelona was London Bar in business on the Nou de la Rambla 34 since 1910. This was also a popular hangout of Picasso and Dali. Today it is just another pub in Barcelona, but the decor is vintage so not a bad place for a drink. This area and the lower end of La Rambla is quite dodgy after dark so be aware after around 01.00 in the morning.

Barcelona is the third happiest city in the world in 2009

Barcelona is the third happiest city in the world in 2009. We were only beaten by most happy city in the world Rio de Janeiro and second happiest city in the world, Sydney. It goes without saying that we are not happy about coming third, so maybe this will affect our happiness ranking for 2010? Joke.   The happy news that we are so happy came from American magazine Forbes based on data supplied by a survey conducted by the market-research company GfK Custom Research North America and the consultant Simon Anholt. They interviewed 10.000 people in twenty different countries. Barcelona got top happy marks for warm climate, lively culture and great football team. Not as happy as Barcelona but still very happy were  Amsterdam, Melbourne and Madrid, in fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively. Then San Francisco, Rome and Paris and Buenos Aires, which make up the ten cities perceived to be the happiest in the world, according to Forbes. Happy now?

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