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L'ou com Balla - dancing eggs

Corpus Christi Barcelona dates:
30th May 2024 to 2nd June

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Corpus Christi Barcelona 2024. Festivitat del Corpus Christi. The date of el día del Corpus Christi is on Thursday, 30th May to Sunday 2nd June 2024. The Corpus Christi festival is one of Barcelona´s oldest celebrations and have taken place in Barcelona since the year 1320.  Corpus Christi is a Latin term that translates to "Body of Christ" in English. It refers to a Christian feast day that celebrates the Eucharist and the presence of the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the consecrated elements of bread and wine. The feast is observed on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which is the first Sunday after Pentecost, but in some countries, it is celebrated on the following Sunday. Corpus Christi is an important event in the liturgical calendar of many Christian denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church. It typically involves processions, prayers, and the display of the Blessed Sacrament. The date of Corpus Christi Barcelona changes every year. 

Processions (not updated for 2024)

Over 20 floral carpets in various locations in Barcelona. On Plaça del Pi, in the Jardins de Rubió and Lluch, in the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Pedralbes, in Espai 30, in La Rambla de Guipúscoa, in Plaça de Sant Bernat Calbó, in the Parish of Sant Francesc de Paula and Carrer de Gràcia. In addition, other carpets will be added in regular spaces:  La Casa dels Entremesos, the Ethnological and World Cultures Museum, the parish of Santa Maria del Remei, Plaça de la Virreina, the Cathedral, the Conciliar Seminary of Barcelona , Can Galta Cremat – Municipal Center for Popular Culture of Sant Andreu, Carrer de la Llibertat, Sant Martí Park, Santa Maria del Taulat Parish, Plaça d’Orfila, Torre de la Sagrera, Civic Center El Exit, Francesc Boix Library and Plaça de Sarrià.

On Corpus Christi Day, Thursday, 30th May 2024, there is usually an open house at the City Hall, the City Historical Archive – Casa de l'Ardiaca, the Barcelonès Athenaeum, the Casa dels Entremesos, the Cathedral, the Frederic Marès Museum and the Monastery of Pedralbes.

The Corpus Christi giant's dance procession is called Seguici popular de Barcelona i ball dels gegants de Corpus. The Corpus Christi processions feature traditional figures like giants (gegants) and the Barcelona animal legend figures of the Eagle, Lion, Dragon, Ox and other beasts, as well as traditional Catalan music ensembles. The giant's ball or dance procession route is at 7pm on a Sunday on Plaça de Sant Jaume in gothic area,  then to Carrer del Bisbe to finish at Plaça Nova by Barcelona Cathedral. More information

The Corpus procession called Processó de Corpus Christi starts at 7pm on Sunday XX June from Avinguda de la Catedral in front of Barcelona's 'La Seu' cathedral and then goes to Plaça Nova, Carrer dels Arcs, Portal de l'Àngel, Carrer Comtal, Via Laietana, and Carrer de Joaquim Pou before finishing back at Barcelona cathedral. 

Dancing Egg Barcelona - l'ou com balla

A wonderful Corpus Christi tradition in Barcelona is to make an egg "dance" on a jet of water on the prettiest fountains in Barcelona. The fountains are beautifully decorated with flowers. No-one quite knows when or how this tradition started, but it has been part of Corpus Christi in Barcelona since 1637. This tradition is called 'l'ou com balla' in the Catalan language and means the 'dancing egg.' You can usually see dancing eggs in about 15 places in Barcelona from 10am to 8pm at cloister fountains, patios and gardens of public and private buildings during Corpus Christi.

Dancing Egg locations Barcelona

The 'dancing egg' locations are usually at the Reial Acadèmia de Bones Lletres, the Poble Espanyol Spanish village on Montjuic hill, the Museo Frederic Marès in the gothic area, the 'Arxiu de la Corona d'Aragó,'  the 'Palau del Lloctinent' in Plaça del Rei in the gothic area, the Arxiu Històric de la ciutat in the old 'Casa de l'Ardiaca,'  the cloisters of Barcelona cathedral La Seu, the Ateneu Barcelonès in the gothic area, at the cloisters of the Santa Ana church and at the Pedralbes monastery

In the Les Corts area of Barcelona you can see a traditional Corpus Christi flower carpet - catifa de flors -on the Plaça Concòrdia - or to see many flower carpets visit Sitges just south of Barcelona on Sunday 2nd June 2024 for the Sitges flower carpet festival 

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