How to avoid gaining weight on a cruise?

How to not gain weight on a cruise

Don't want to put on weight on a cruise ship but still want to have a good time and eat good food.

Try the Stepbac method. The creators of Stepbac have tested their method on some of the buffets of the worlds biggest cruise ships, the 'Harmony of the Seas' and the 'Odyssey of the Seas'.
They enjoyed the fantastic food buffets in the Windjammer restaurant, but didn't gain weight at all on a 2 week cruise. How? Using Stepbac method while they were onboard. 

The Stepbac method is a very simple and natural way to replace unhealthy lifestyle choices and habits and to take back control of daily health, well-being and happiness.

Using Stepbac method means that you can still fully enjoy the buffets and the delicious food onboard cruise ships but you will be able to Stepbac® from overeating so you won't gain weight.

“Stepbac from Overeating“ helps you take back control of your eating habits and weight by teaching you a simple way to replace your daily overeating habits with a habit of taking a “Stepbac“ from eating too much.

This means you learn a simple habit which means you eat what you want but less of it so that you gradually can get back your natural and healthy weight if you are a little overweight - or if you are at your natural weight, you can stay there.

The book “Stepbacfrom Overeating“ is very simple to read and understand - it only takes a couple of hours to read and has over 40 clear diagrams to explain the 4 main things that make you want to eat too much and to teach you 1 thing, the Stepbac action, to help you stop overeating. 

It's a great read for a cruise ship, because if helps you understand and change eating habits and teaches you how to enjoy food without overeating.

Available as Kindle e-book and in paperback.

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