Where is the Barcelona red light district?

Barcelona red light district

There is no specific area for sex-workers in Barcelona. There are 'red light' areas with a higher level of prostitution. Barcelona doesn't have a specific 'red light district' in the same way as a city like Amsterdam or Hamburg does. Barcelona has a kind of 'red-light' area which is generally considered to be at the port end of La Rambla street.

This Barcelona "red light" district on and around La Rambla near the harbour, is quite 'shady', in other words, not really safe and best avoided. It becomes most active after 2 a.m. in the early hours of the morning when street prostitutes appear and offer sexual services. These services are offered either on the street in the adjacent side-streets or in nearby seedy apartments in Raval area.

Our advice would be not to solicit prostitutes and to exercise extreme caution to avoid theft, either on the street or in the brothel apartments. 

In 2019 the Spanish parliament voted in favour of a proposal to draw up legislation to abolish prostitution, cracking down further on pimping and introducing tougher penalties for men buying sex in a controversial initiative that has split the women's rights movement. 

Prior to 2019 prostitution was tolerated in Spain, with many brothels operating as hotels or other lodging, even though sexual exploitation and pimping was illegal.

The 2019 move is a progressive drive by the Spain's Socialist Party to extend women's rights. The Socialist Party regards sex workers as victims to be protected rather than criminalised as they would be if there was an outright ban on prostitution.

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What is the origin of the name 'Red Light District'

The name 'Red Light District' became known in the 19th century.  It is used to describe the city area with the highest concentrations of sex workers. The name dates back to the time when brothel-owners began to use red gas lights to discreetly alert potential customers to the true nature of their business.

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