What is Barcelona slogan or motto?

Barcelona city slogan or motto

If you are looking for the slogan of football soccer club FC Barcelona click here. The football club's nickname is "Més que un club" which means "More than a club!"

In 2019 the city of Barcelona used a tourist branding slogan which was "Always Barcelona!"

In 2012 the Barcelona tourist slogan was Barcelona es mucho más! meaning "Barcelona is much more!"  

Previously the city of Barcelona has used the slogans 'Barcelona es Teva!' which is in the Catalan language and means' Barcelona is yours!'  

Barcelona city nicknames

Locals often use the nickname 'Barna' as an abbreviation of BARceloNA

Another common abbreviation which is sometimes used in marketing is 'BCN'. BCN is also the IATA airport code for Barcelona-El Prat Airport. 

Many people think Barca or Barça is a the city's nickname, but this only used for the football and sports club FC Barcelona.

It is spelled Barça and pronounced Barsa with a soft "c".

The word "Barca" is not used about the city of Barcelona and is never prounced with a hard "c" unless you are talking about a small boat. "Barca" is the word for a small boat in Spanish, like a rowing boat for example  - and "Barco" is the Spanish word for a bigger boat with a deck like a yacht or ferry.

The city of Barcelona is also referred to as the Ciutat Comtal in Catalan - Ciudad Condal in Spanish, which means City of Counts.

This nickname comes from its history as the seat of the Count of Barcelona. From 9th to early 18th century Barcelona was a county and governed by counts.

Barcelona county was for much of its history part of the Principality of Catalonia which, along with the Kingdom of Aragon, formed the Crown of Aragon, which was in a dynastic union with the Crown of Castile

In Roman times Barcelona was called Barcino. Barcelona traces its origins over 2,000 years ago to the Roman colony of Barcino. Barcino was founded by Emperor Augustus around 15-10 BC. The full Latin name of the Roman colony, that later became Barcelona, was "Iulia Augusta Faventia Paterna Barcino". Many remains of Roman Barcino still exist in various locations of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter.

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