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Iphone & android Barcelona audio app

Play&Tour Iphone and Android Barcelona audio guide app. Download an interactive audio-guide app for Barcelona for smartphones. An easy, convenient way to get information about more 100 sights and attractions in  Barcelona. Includes suggested walking routes, map and works with Iphone and android  mobile phones and mpg players.

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What is an audio guide?
An Play&Tour audio walking tour guide for Barcelona is a spoken guide, which you listen to on your Iphone, android or mpg player. The audio guide for Barcelona includes almost 6 hours of updated and current information about 100 tourist sights in Barcelona

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The Play&Tour Barcelona audio guides includes information on history, art, leisure, restaurants, shopping etc. All the essential information about Barcelona is at the touch of a button. Listen to it on the plane, in your hotel and when you are on the move in Barcelona. 

How does it work?
It’s very simple, as easy as listening to your favourite music on your Iphone, android phone or music player. You just have to select the audio number of the tourist point and press “play.”

How do I install the Barcelona audio guide on my mp3 player?

Just load the audio file onto your smartphone or music player the way you do with music.  To listen you find the track number corresponding to the attraction in Barcelona you want to hear about. It's simple.

How much space do I need in my mp3 player or phone?
You will need around 70 MB space

How do I know where the tourist points in the audioguide are?
To see where the tourist points are in Barcelona, just print out the PDF file with the map of Barcelona, which has all the tourist points clearly marked.

Do I have to follow a particular route?
No. You decide where you want to go and what audio tracks you want to listen to. But the guide does include recommended walking routes on the maps.

What will I find on the map?
All the tourist points of Barcelona are marked on the map with a number and its name in the local language, which is how you will find it referred to in the city you visit. In addition, on audio 1 or 2, you will find passages on the history of the city and other useful tips to help you get the most out of your visit to Barcelona.

How do I buy a Barcelona audio guide?
Just go to our Barcelona audio guide download page and follow the instructions. You can choose between several languages and the method of payment (credit card or PayPal). Then the system will send a “download code” to your e-mail address which you can used to download your audioguide, once you have made the payment.

What is a Play&Tour download code?
When you decide to download a Play&Tour audioguide, we will send you a download code to your e-mail address. This code will be activated after you have paid. Then, you must go to the download code section, enter the number and you will then be able to download the audio tour file. Once you have downloaded the files, the code will cease to be active.

And if I lose the connection during the downloading process?

The download code will remain active until the download is completed. Even so, should any problem arise, contact us, and we will sort out the problem as quickly as possible.

Are there special prices for school groups?
Yes, Play&Tour offers special prices for schools and large groups. If this is your case,
contact us, and we will supply the number of audioguides you require.

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