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La Horchata in Spanish. Orxata in Catalan.  Orxata de chufes is a sweet drink usually made of ground tigernuts called chufas blended with water and sugar. Horchata taste. Horchata tastes very sweet and sometimes has a slightly bitter aftertaste but it is refreshing and very healthy being high in minerals and vitamins and low in fat. 

What is chufa tigernut? Tiger nut is actually not a nut, but it is a plant named "cyperus esculentus" so horchata is a drink eminently suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people who suffer from nut allergies.

The Horchata drink made from chufas has origins in ancient Egypt. Chufa is one of the earliest Eygptian crops and traces have been found even in the embalming techniques in tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The Chufa nut was introduced to Spain by the Moors during the Moorish conquest of Spain. The eastern Spanish province of Valencia has the best climate for culivating chufa nuts and is generally considering the capital of Horchata in Spain. But you can buy Horchata many places in Barcelona.

Where to drink Horchata in Barcelona? You can get a glass of Horchata in most older ice cream parlours, bars and cafes in Barcelona but there are still some specialised and famous "horchaterias" in Barcelona like L’Orxateria La Valenciana,  Horchatería Sirvent and El Tío Ché who have been making Barcelona's best Horchata for decades.

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