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Monday 14th October 2019
Some disruption of traffic due to strikes today after verdict of trial of former Catalan government leaders.

General strike called in Catalonia on Friday 18th October 2019
Two trade unions have called a general strike for October 18, to coincide with the expected announcement of the verdict of the jailed 2017 illegal independence referendum leaders. The strike coincides with expected protests and demonstrations by other sectors and organisations of Catalan society.

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A general strike is under way today Thursday 21st February 2019 in Barcelona and Catalonia.

The strike was announced as a labour dispute strike but actually the intention appears to be to protest against the current trial of jailed separatist leaders who are under indictment for their role in an illegal referendum and subsequent declaration of independence in October 2017

Expect delays and disruptions to public services and traffic on 21/2-2019

Metro and Bus
The Catalonia regional government - called  the Generalitat - has decreed minimum services for metro and buses must be 50%  of normal capacity in the peak rush hours (from 6.30 to 9.30 and from 5 to 8 pm) and 25% rest of day

Renfe - Spanish railway trains will be a minimum services at 33% of normal capacity of trains

Intercity transport and Barcelona airport bus will operate at 50% of normal capacity 

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This page covers general strikes with useful information for how to plan for traffic disruption. 

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