Casa Vicens - Vicens House Popular

Carrer de les Carolines 18, 08012, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Fontana L3
City District
Gracia: Gracia
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Casa Vicens - Vicens House
Casa Vicens Barcelona. Antoni Gaudi's first house.  Casa Vicens has never been open to the public. The facade is visible from street Carrer de les Carolines, 18. The Andorra bank MoraBank recently acquired the builiding from the former owners the Herreros Jover family and there are plans to open Casa Vicens to visitors, although a date has not been announced.

Casa Vicens was designed as a summer villa on what was at the time the outskirts of Barcelona city at the top of the village called Gracia. Since the construction of Casa Vicens the city has caught up with Gracia and now the village is completely engulfed by the city with nothing remaining of the large garden and surrounding countryside that existed when the house was built.

La Casa Vicens was the first major commission for the young Antoni Gaudí i Cornet built for tile manufacturer Manuel Vicens i Montaner. It consisted of a summer house decorated on the outside with fabulous tiles and with a large garden with a waterfall and lake.

Gaudi used earth bricks, multicoloured Arabian elements, ceramic coatings, plaster applications, decorative paintings and works made of wood and wrought iron in the construction of the house. 

Model Casa Vicens at Catalunya Miniature Park near Barcelona.