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La Vanguardia - daily newspaper
La Vanguardia daily newspaper. (La Vanguardia means vanguard) LaVanguardia is one of Barcelona and Catalunya's oldest daily newspapers.

Catalunya's top selling newspaper and among top five selling papers in Spain. Available in Spanish and Catalan and in digital versions. La Vanguardia (Spanish for The Vanguard) is Catalonia's leading daily newspaper as well as the fourth best-selling in Spain.

Headquarters in Barcelona, Catalonia's largest city. La Vanguardia, despite being mostly distributed in Catalonia only, trails only the three main Madrid dailies among general-interest circulation in Spain: El Pais, El Mundo and ABC.

The other three have local editions elsewhere in Spain, unlike La Vanguardia. Established in 1881 by the Godó family La Vanguardia is the only Catalan newspaper that has survived all Spanish regime changes since its beginnings.

LaVanguardia leans to the centre of politics and is moderate in its opinions. It has a a daily section that deals specifically with issues local to Barcelona.