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Hans Website support. Personal webmaster service Barcelona Website support. Personal webmaster service. Professional computing cervices and support in Barcelona. Hi, my name is Hans and I'm based in Catalonia, Spain. I'm an IT support technician with years of experience in various website tools and platforms for small business. 

I offer easy and cheap help in all areas of small business website support and maintenance:

  • webshop & online store,
  • hosting & servers,
  • domain name issues,
  • back-up, SSL https security,
  • emails & spam emails,
  • cookie & privacy policy,
  • newsletters & members directory
  • booking calendar,
  • document sharing,
  • design update ,
  • Google search and SEO,
  • social media, Content issues,
  • mage resizing and more...

My webmaster service delivers common sense, effective solutions to solve big or small issues - and always at fixed low hourly rates. You can also choose from discount schemes or a subscription rate.

Contact me for a free and non-binding quote for personal webmaster help to keep your website online and problem-free.

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