Jardins de la Torre de Les Aigües - children's pool Popular

Carrer de Roger de Llúria, 56, 08009, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Girona L4
City District
Eixample: Eixample D
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Jardins de la Torre de Les Aigües - children's pool
Jardins de la Torre de Les Aigües in Eixample district of Barcelona. Childrens swimming pool and gardens with shallow water in Eixample area of Barcelona. The pool and gardens are in the interior of the residential block at street Roger de Llúria between street Consell de Cent and street Diputació. This pool is known as the beach of Eixample 'la Platja de l'Eixample' although the name is 'Jardins de la Torre de Les Aigües,' which means 'Water Tower Gardens'. The the beach has sand and a wooden walkway and a pool which is just 60 cm deep. It is named after the old water tower from 1870 which was built to supply water to the first houses in the new modernist Eixample district of Barcelona. This is one of the very few remaining courtyards in Barcelona's Eixample district. It is only open to public in mid-June to early September. The Platja de l'Eixample has room for 375 people in the garden zone and 80 in the water.

Opening times
Daily 10:00 to 20:30
Ticket price
General ticket price €1,55