Xavier Pellicer restaurant

Carrer de Provença, 310, 08037, Barcelona
City District
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi: Sant Gervasi
+34 935259002
Xavier Pellicer restaurant
Xavier Pellicer restaurant Barcelona. Michelin starred chef Xavier Pellicer. Recommende by guests for a fabulous dining experience with delicious food and beautiful presentation. Pellicer's restaurant in Barcelona has a stylish designed interior and serves a menu based on biodynamics, with organic, local and healthy products to balance pleasure and good digestion. Pellicer offers his way of life to his guests. He believes that the hands of the people who work the land transmit positive energy to the cooks who pass it on to the guests.

The motto of the Xavier Pellicer is the same that marks his success as a top chef: absolute respect for the ingredients he uses.

Xavier Pellicer restaurant can welcome 66 guests in the restaurant and 20 in El Menjador.

Reservations recommended.

Opening times:
Tuesday to Saturday 1:30–4PM, 8:30–11PMv
Sunday and Monday closed