Barcelona resident tip - SMS messages

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Barcelona resident tip - SMS messages
Barcelona resident tip - SMS messages. Sending an sms to mobile phones outside Spain normally costs 30 to 50 euro-cents. You can send them much cheaper from you PC using the communication programme Skype. If you put your Spanish mobile number into your Skype profile, then you can send sms messages via Skype. The person receiving the message will get the message from your number as if it came from your phone, but the price is much less for than sending from your phone. Instead of 50-60 cents its more like maybe 3 cents per message! And of course you just type in the SMS message on your PC and hit the send button, which is very convenient. Another great way to send short messages free if you have a smart phone with data connection is to install the free Whatsapp application.

Friday, 01 December 2023