Kitesurfing school Barcelona

Kitesurfing school Barcelona

Kitesurfing school Barcelona

Kitesurfing courses Barcelona. Learn to kitesurf in Barcelona at Magic Wave Kitesurfing School on Gava Mar beach near Barcelona. Magic Wave offers English speaking professional kitesurfing courses for beginner to up to advanced level and also offers kitesurf rental for all levels.

Kitesurfing season is from OCTOBER to JUNE. Classes are not available in Gava Mar/Castelldefels from JULY to SEPTEMBER

The MagicWave kitesurfing school is located on Gava Mar beach just south of Barcelona airport. The Gava Mar beach extends into Castelldefels beach which is 15km long and renowned for great kitesurfing. The Magic Wave location is easily accessible from the centre of Barcelona by bus from Plaza Catalunya which takes about 35 minutes. You can find bus information at the bottom of this page. Kitesurfing lessons take place from October to end of May only because kitesurfing is prohibited during the summer months.

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Kitesurfing classes requires specific wind conditions. For the Gava Mar beach the best wind conditions for beginners are a 10-12 knot wind from the south west, which is called a “garbi” wind in Catalunya. If you enrol for kitesurfing classes the first three hour block of lessons will be on the beach. After that school will contact you when the wind conditions are right and the next lessons will be 1-3 hour lessons. You pay for the lessons in cash on the day of the lesson.

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kite surfing school Barcelona

Learning to kitesurf
Step 1 - kite control

The initial steps of a kitesurfing course are on the beach and do not need wind. Before you can fly and control the kite, you will learn basic theory of kite flying and kite control so that you know how to position the kite. You will learn how to unpack and inflate the kite - and how to attach the kite to the control lines and to your harness. If there is enough wind on the first day, you might have the opportunity of flying a kite for the first time. When you know how to inflate and rig the kite, you will practise flying the kite on the beach. You will learn and practise kite flying exercises that you need to master before you can take the kite to the water.

Learning to kitesurf
Step 2 - body drag

When you are familiar with flying the kite on the beach, you are ready for the next step which is learning to body drag. This means flying the kite in the water but without the kitesurfing board. The body drag is where you lie stretched out in the water and let the kite drag you backwards and forwards. You need to master the body drag so that you can find your kitesurfing board if you lose it out at sea during the learning process, which often happens.

Learning to kitesurf
Step 3 - water launching and kitesurfing

Finally you will be ready to start practising launching, and kite surfing on your kitesurfing board. Your Magicwave instructor speaks Spanish and English and the first times you are in the water you will be wearing a helmet with walkie-talkie, so the instructor can give you instructions.

With the right wind conditions the three steps will take around three sessions of three hours and in theory can be completed in three consecutive days. As mentioned, it is difficult to predict wind conditions, so when you book your kitesurfing lessons, Magicwave will contact you when conditions look suitable. The time it takes to learn how to kitesurf independently varies from student to student, but most learners can complete a kitesurf independency course in 10 to 20 hours.

kite surfing school Barcelona

In the summer months it is not possible to kitesurf on beaches in or near Barcelona so you will need to drive north to the Gulf of Roses or south to the Ebro Delta for good kitesurfing. Magicwave also has a sailing and surfing school in the Costa Brava at St Pere Pescador in the Gulf of Roses where you can rent kitesurfing and windsurfing equipment all summer.

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FAQ kitesurfing courses Barcelona

Where and when are the kitesurfing courses held?
The courses are held the Gava Mar beach near Barcelona at Magic Wave Base Nautica from October to end May
Kitesurfing is not permitted in and around Barcelona from 1st June - 30th September.

What is included?
Magic Wave kitesurfing courses include all materials needed which means kites, wetsuits and helmet.

What are the water conditions like?
The Mediterranean sea temperature is around 20C in October and drops to 14C in the winter months. Magicwave has a large selection of wetsuits and the wetsuits is included in the price of the kitesurfing lesson. In the winter the day temperature is usually around 15-18C° in the sun

Price and duration kitesurfing course
The course is divided into blocks of 3 hours.
First block: On the beach. Cost €90
Second and third blocks are in the water and are billed by the hour, The price per hour is € 30

How do I book and pay?
Click on the blue book button to contact Magic Wave and let them know what dates you are interested in. They will arrange the course times with you and you pay the course fee on the day of your kitesurf course in cash. The courses are dependant on wind conditions

Are the instructors qualified?
Yes. All instructors are fully qualified and have years of experience

How to get to Gava Mar beach and Magic Wave?
Magic Wave is on the beach at Gavà Mar which is 20 minutes from Barcelona by car, or 40 minutes by public transport on bus L95 from stop on Ronda de la Universitat just by Plaza Catalunya. Get off anywhere on Av. Europa near Carrer de Sitges in Gavà Mar and then walk 5 minutes to Magic Wave. Open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 from April to November. English spoken. Contact Alexis for friendly and professional service and lessons.

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NB! Kitesurfing is not permitted in and around Barcelona from 1st June - 30th September due to the bathing season.

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