The best books to stop smoking 2024

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The best books to stop smoking 2024

Article updated: 2024

If you are a smoker, then you know that it's not easy to stop smoking by yourself. But you probably know others who have managed to quit the habit, so if they can do it, then why can't you. Well you can! Most people stop using a method from a best selling book about how to stop smoking. There are thousands of books about this but only a few that really work. Find them on this page. These books have helped millions of people to stop smoking. Pick the one you think is best for you. If it doesn't work, then try one of the others. Different folks, different books. We're sure one of them will work for you because they have worked for many people.

You already know that smoking is bad for you, or you wouldn't want to stop. Trust in these books. The writers are often ex-smokers and they have spent years studying smoking addiction and are trying to explain how it works, so that you will know how to stop. Use their knowledge and stop smoking today. It could be easier than you think. Remember that books written in recent years often have the benefit of the most recent research. For this reason we no longer recommend the older books about smoking written in the 1970s as the most effective methods.

1. Stepbac from Smoking

This is the best of the new and modern books about quitting smoking. Based on recent studies, easy to follow and understand. It's quite a long book but a quick and easy read becuase it's not written in therapy style jargon but in plain language with many illustrations. A proven and logical approach to stopping smoking.


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