Guide to Moll Adossat dock. Where is Moll Adossat cruise ship terminal in Barcelona?

Moll Adossat cruise ship dock

Updated January 2024

Big cruise ships all dock at terminals A, B, C, D and E are on Moll Adossat wharf/pier which is quite close to the city center, but a little too far to walk on a hot day.

The smaller cruise ships are on S Sud which is a few minutes walk to Barcelona's medieval city (The docks N & M are already closed) From 2027 dock S Sud will also be closed and all cruise ships will dock at Moll Adossat where a new terminal G will be built.

Moll Adossat (in Catalan) (Muelle Adosado in Spanish) is the name of the cruise ship wharf or dock, where the biggest cruise ships dock in Barcelona. This is Barcelona's main cruise ship terminal on a long quay with has 5 cruise ship terminals for large cruise ships.

Map Barcelona cruise ship dock Moll Adossat pier
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Hotels near Moll Adossat

Hotels near Moll Adossat cruise ships

How to get from Moll Adossat to Barcelona center

Direct link from Moll Adossat to city center or airport. There are no direct links from airport to cruise ships by train or bus shuttle to the city center or to the airport. Your options are on foot, taxi, private transfer or cruise bus shuttle.

On foot

Walking ashore from cruise ships on the Moll Adossat cruise ship terminals (A, B, C, D, E) takes about 30 minutes to the edge of the Cuitat Vella district, which is Barcelona’s old city). Walking ashore from cruise ships on the Moll Adossat to the Barcelona's downtown central square called Plaza Catalunya takes 45 minutes. So it is possible to walk,  but perhaps not very practical with bags and most choose to take a taxi from Moll Adossat terminals to the Barcelona city center, or book a transfer or take the Cruisebus shuttle bus.

By taxi to city center

Barcelona taxis are reliable and taxi fares are charged using taxi-meters, so you will not be cheated. Check with the driver before you get in, that you can pay by credit card and be sure to give him or her the correct address. Taxis are black and yellow and safe to use. Expect long lines and wait times for taxis in peak periods. Taxi prices Barcelona

T3 Cruisebus to city

(previously called Portbús)

The T3 Cruisebus Barcelona is a cruise port shuttle bus service from the cruise ship terminals on Moll Adossat (A, B, C, D, E) to the Portal de la Pau plaza, which is at the harbour end of the walking street 'La Rambla'. Expect some waiting lines in peak periods. T3 Cruisebus info

Hotels with free cruise port shuttle bus

Generally hotels do not offer a free cruise port shuttle service.

Private Transfer

Book a private cruise port to hotel transfer to and from your hotel to cruise ships. 

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Barcelona cruise arrivals schedule 

From Moll Adossat to Barcelona airport

The El Prat Barcelona airport is located 20 km / 12.4 miles south of the Barcelona harbour. The driving time is 20-30 minutes from any of the Barcelona cruise ship terminals to the airport - depending on traffic conditions.

Taxi price airport to cruise terminal

There is a fixed flat rate - called T4 - for a Barcelona taxi to or from Barcelona airport to cruise ships on wharf Moll Adossat in Port of Barcelona. The T4 cruise ship flat rate fixed price is €45 in 2024 and includes all surcharges/supplements. This is called the "Preu final / Precio final / Final price" on the taxi price list. There are no direct links from airport to cruise ships by train or bus shuttle. 

How to get to Barcelona Airport
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Route Moll Adossat to airport

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