Best Barcelona hotels near cruise ship port Moll Adossat 2019

Hotels near Barcelona cruise terminals

Updated May 2019

Welcome to our Barcelona cruise hotel guide to help you choose the best hotels near Moll Adossat and other Barcelona cruise ship piers and docks.

Barcelona's cruise ships all dock in Barcelona port which is on the city center coastline. Barcelona cruise port has 7 cruise ship terminals located on 4 piers in the harbour area of Barcelona.

The biggest pier where the biggest cruise ships dock is called Moll Adossat. This webpage is about Barcelona hotels near cruise ships but you might also be interested in our Barcelona cruise ship guide and our Barcelona airport guide

Many cruise guests choose to combine a cruise leaving from Barcelona with a few nights in the city.

Many choose to stay within 20 to 30 by taxi or transfer from the ship terminals to make sure that you don't miss the departure times but get the maximum time in Barcelona for sightseeing.

Use the Barcelona cruise ship map below to see where the main cruise ship terminals on Moll Adossat are located

Scroll further down the page to our hotel map, where you can find the best Barcelona hotels near cruise ships and tips for hotels near the cruise ship dock Moll Adossat in Barcelona
Map Barcelona cruise ship dock Moll Adossat pier

Most cruise ships in Barcelona dock at the Moll Adossat dock in Barcelona harbor port which you can see marked on the hotel map below. Moll Adossat is very close to Barcelona city centre but not walking distance. See map

There are many excellent hotels which are a 15 minutes by Barcelona taxi from the cruise ships at pier Moll Adossat or by private cruise transfer.

You can book Barcelona hotels safely by following the hotel links shown on the map below.

There are no added commissions for booking via our webpage and you will be happy to know that the hotel price is the same as the hotel's own prices.

The cruise ship terminals in Barcelona are all within 30 minutes from most hotel locations in the center of Barcelona, so as a cruise ship passenger in Barcelona, you can choose from many popular hotels in the center of the city.

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For convenience many Barcelona cruise ship passengers prefer to stay in hotels near the Barcelona cruise ship port area which is also close to the medieval city center of Barcelona.

On the map below you can see a selection of the best reviewed hotels in Barcelona in the medium to expensive price range that are within a 15-20 minute radius by taxi cab to and from the Barcelona cruise ship terminals

Red tags are Barcelona cruise ship terminals, A, B, C, D, S, N, & M

Blue H1-H5 tags are 1 to 5 star hotels. Click for hotel info

FULLSCREEN map hotels Barcelona cruise ships

Tips for popular hotels near Barcelona cruise ships

Hotel Catalonia Port

★★★★ 4 star hotel.
Rated FABULOUS by guest reviews. Close to cruise ships. Facilities include gym, sun terrace with small seasonal pool and Free Wi-Fi. Has facilities for disabled guests 
BOOK Catalonia Port 

Andante Hotel

★★★ 3 star hotel 
Rated FABULOUS by reviews. 10 minutes by TAXI to cruise ship terminals in Barcelona. 5 minutes walk to Las Ramblas. Modern air-conditioned rooms with wood floors, a laptop safe, flat TV, bathroom with full-length mirror. Facilities include Free WiFi, buffet breakfast, self-service area, terrace and gym.
BOOK Andante hotel

The Serras Hotel

★★★★★ 5 star hotel 
Rated EXCEPTIONAL by guest reviews. Sublime design, spacious rooms with balconies, harbour views and a short stroll from many historic sights. Master Catalan Chef Marc Gascons. Hotel is on site of Pablo Picasso’s first studio.
BOOK The Serras 

H10 Port Vell

★★★★ 4 star hotel
Rated SUPERB by guest reviews. Only 220 metres from Port Vell marina. Air-conditioned rooms with 42-inch flat- TV, minibar and Nespresso coffee machine. Facilities include rooftop chill-out terrace and pool. 10 minutes by taxi to all Barcelona cruise ships and Moll Adossat.
BOOK H10 Port Vell 

More hotels near Barcelona cruise ships

Getting to cruise ships

There are no direct bus or train shuttle service to cruise ships from city center or from the airport.

Taxis or private transfers are best option for connections from airport, train stations or city center to cruise ships.

If you are near the port area then there is a there is a public cruisebus shuttle service that runs from the Columbus monument at the port end of the walking street called La Rambla to the Moll Adossat pier.

This service goes to the four main cruise ship terminals located on Moll Adossat, but this Cruisebus port bus is mostly practical for transfers if your hotel is within walking distance of the port bus stop.

If you are in a hotel or apartment that is a little further awayfrom the port bus - then you might as well take a taxi all the way to your cruise ship.

To find out how to get from Barcelona city center to cruise ship port - or how to get from Barcelona airport to Barcelona cruise ship port please visit our Barcelona cruise ship guide

Can you walk ashore from Barcelona cruise ships
Taxi prices Barcelona
Transfers to Barcelona cruise ships

There are plans to expand Terminal D on Moll Adossat with a new Terminal E on for cruise ships with 4500 passengers, which hopes to be operational in a few years

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