Best hotels Passeig de Gracia Barcelona

Best hotels Passeig de Gracia Barcelona

The street Passeig de Gracia (Paseo de Gracia in Spanish language) is Barcelona's most famous and elegant shopping street and perhaps the most luxurious place to stay in Barcelona when visiting Barcelona.

Gracia means grace, which is the name of the village Gracia that used to be outside the city walls of medieval Barcelona. Passeig de Gracia simple means the passage to Grace - the path to Gracia. The name is apt for other reasons too.
The Paseo de Gracia is certainly graced by many of the top luxury hotels in Barcelona, among them the Barcelona Mandarin Hotel, the Condes de Barcelona, the hotel Omm, the new Hotel Royal de Gracia, the amazing modernist hotel Casa Fuster and the very grandiose Hotel Majestic & Spa to name a few. You can see all the best hotels on and near Passeig de Gracia on the hotel map below.

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As mentioned, what is now the most expensive and luxurious street in Spain, started as a lane through the fields that connnected Barcelona to the village of Gracia which was then completely separate from the city.

The first Passeig de Gracia avenue was constructed in 1824. This was a lovely wide road of 42 metres (138 feet) and throughout the 19th century this was where wealthy Barcelona citizens would meet to show off their horse riding skills and their horse-drawn stagecoach carriages.


In the late 19th and early 20th century Passeig de Gracia became the flagship street of the new modern expansion of Barcelona which grew out of the industrial revolution. The new and fast growing wealthy middle class of Barcelona wanted new, modern and grand residences and the top architects of the modernist era were commissioned to create some of the most famous builiding in Barcelona on Passeig de Gracia. . Today Passeig de Gracia is still occupied and owned by the wealthy and has become Barcelona's most elegant and fashionable hotel and shopping street where you can find some of the top hotels, restaurants and many top designer stores 

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