What does Spanish word guiri mean?

What does Spanish word and name 'guiri' mean?

The word 'guiri' is a somewhat derogatory Spanish name used only in Spain about tourists and foreigners, primarily from Northern Europe or Northern America. 

It can be compared to the expression "gringo" used by Mexicans about Americans.

According to the Spanish Real Academia Dictionary, the origin of the word dates back to the 19th century Carlist Wars when it was a Basque language word "guiristino."

Guiristino was the word used by the Carlists about the supporters of Queen Cristina (called christinos) during the civil wars of the 19th Century.

A "guiristino" was an ‘outsiders’ and that might explain why the mordern word guiri is used about outsiders or people other than Spaniards.

From the 1960s, the word guiri has been used about foreign tourists and immigrants from Northern Europe.

There are other Spanish words used for immigrants from Latin America or Morocco.

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