Where to stay in Tarragona, Spain - 2023

Where to stay in Tarragona, Spain - 2023

Hotels in Tarragona

Updated January 2023

Where to stay in Tarragona

There are a few nice choices to stay near the Roman ruins. There are no hotels in the Tarragona gothic area itself and in 2023 there are still no 5 star hotels in Tarragona.

Here are our Tarragona hotel tips and recommendations:

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Hotel Lauria near Roman ruins
Hotel Imperial Tarraco
Hotel Sant Jordi
Hotel AC Tarragona

Tarragona apartment recommendations:

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Apartment Solatwin

Things to see in Tarragona

Tarragona has lovely beaches nearby and a nice medieval city center. The main attractions are the Roman ruins in which include remains of a Roman amphitheatreRoman chariot racing circusRoman walls, and a Roman Aqueduct (4km outside the city).
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