Where to stay in Tarragona

Where to stay in Tarragona. Spain

Hotels in Tarragona

Updated April 2019

Where to stay in Tarragona

There are a few nice choices to stay near the Roman ruins. There are no hotels in the Tarragona gothic area itself and at the momment (2019) there are no 5 star hotels in Tarragona. Here are our Tarragona hotel recommendations

Hotels Tarragona
Hotel Lauria near Roman ruins
Alexandra Aparthotel near Roman ruins
Hotel Sant Jordi
Hotel AC Tarragona
Apartments Tarragona
Apartment Solatwin

Things to see in Tarragona

Tarragona has lovely beaches nearby and a nice medieval city center. The main attractions are the Roman ruins in which include remains of a Roman amphitheatreRoman chariot racing circusRoman walls, and a Roman Aqueduct (4km outside the city).

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