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Guide to Port Vell Barcelona


Moll del Dipòsit, 08039 Barcelona


Located in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, Spain, Port Vell, which translates to 'Old Port' in English, is the city's historic harbor. With a rich history as the primary port and commercial center since Roman times, Port Vell has evolved into a multifaceted area of Barcelona.

While still serving as a harbor for small boats, super yachts, and some small luxury cruise ships, Port Vell has seamlessly integrated leisure and entertainment. Along its waterfront, visitors can explore a variety of attractions, dine at diverse restaurants, and enjoy recreational facilities. The vibrant marina, set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, creates a captivating scene. The harbor's promenade is adorned with charming restaurants, stylish bars, and boutique shops, offering a delightful experience for all.

In 2024, Port Vell takes center stage in the world of sailing as it proudly hosts the 37th America's Cup.

At Port Vell you can also find the Port Vell marina Barcelona MCH Catalonia history museum Maritime museum, the Columbus Monument, the Barcelona aquarium, the shopping mall Maremagnum and many activities including bike tourssegway toursharbour boat tours and many fantastic restaurants and cafes in the Barceloneta area. 

A recent addition to the Port Vell is the Marina Port Vell super-yacht marina. Some of the smaller cruise ships also dock in the Port Vell harbour. 

Port Vell will host the 2024 America's Cup sailing race.

How to get to Port Vell

Nearest Metro
Barceloneta on Yellow line L4

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