Wonder of the Seas Sailing Dates and Sailing Calendar Mediterranean 2022.

'Wonder of the seas' - Royal Caribbean Cruises

Sailing Dates and Sailing Calendar Mediterranean 2022. 

The largest cruise ship in the world, the spectacular Royal Caribbean ship 'Wonder of the Seas' which holds up to 7,000 passengers, will sail in the Mediterranean Sea from 2022 with weekly departures from Barcelona, Spain

Sailing dates Wonder of the Seas

in 2022 the new Wonder of the Seas sails 7 Night Western Mediterranean itineraries from both Barcelona and Rome

The 362-meter long 'Wonder of the Seas' docked Wednesday 4th May 2022 at Barcelona's Moll Adossat dock signalling the return of more normal cruise ship activity in Barcelona's port following a 2 year absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This brand new largest cruise ship is the fifth in the Oasis series.

Sailing dates Wonder of the Seas
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