Montjuic hill Barcelona

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Montjuic hill Barcelona
Montjuic hill Barcelona. Montjuic is a Barcelona landmark and a popular place to visit with many attractions, parks and Olympic facilities. Montjuic hill, sometimes also called Montjuic mountain, is a 230m high hill, which overlooks Barcelona from the south east of the city. The origin of the name Montjuic is thought to be from the name Jewish mountain or hill dating back to medieval times, when there was a Jewish cemetery on the hill. Today there are no traces of the Jewish cemetery. A large part of Montjuic hill is occupied by the Montjuic cemetery. 

Montjuic hill has lovely views of Barcelona city and coastline from the summit where there is a former military fort called Castell de Montjuic. There is a gondola cable car and port cable car on Montjuic hill.

Montjuic hill is home to many parks, museums and attractions including Joan Miro Foundation, the Magic Fountain, the
Barcelona Olympic stadium theOlympic swimming pool, the Olympic Diving Pools and Palau Sant Jordi arena

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