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Diada castellera històrica de La Mercè 2017

Mercè - Castellers - Human towers

Event date: Saturday 23rd September 2017
Event time: 12:00
Event location: Plaça de Sant Jaume in Gothic quarter

Historic Mercè castell human tower display at Plaça de Sant Jaume in Gothic quarter.

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Placa de Sant JaumeGoogle Map
Placa de Sant Jaume
Plaça de Sant Jaume
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 How to get to Plaça de Sant Jaume


Plaça de Sant Jaume
08002 Barcelona, Spain

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Plaça de Sant Jaume is the main square in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. Plaça de Sant Jaume is located on the ancient site of the forum in old Roman town which was calledBarcino. It is on the junction where the two main Roman roads in Barcino crossed. They were called the cardo and the decumanus. Read more about Roman city of Barcelona. Plaça de Sant Jaume has two government buildings. One is the renaissance palace of the Generalitat which is the government of Catalonia and called "El Palau de la Generalitat." Opposite you can see the neo-classical town hall building of the ciy council of Barcelona called Ajuntament de Barcelona 

By Metro
Nearest Metro station is: Jaume I - yellow line L4

By Bus
Bus lines: (on nearby Via Laietana) 17, 19, 45, 120, N8

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La Mercè - Diada castellera històrica de La Mercè 2017 - Human towers display
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