Where does Viking Star dock in Barcelona in 2024. Map and location

Where does Viking Star dock in Barcelona in 2024

Which terminal? The "Viking Star" cruise liner docks in Barcelona in 2024 on pier Moll Adossat at Terminal A, B, C, D or E. See map below. The Viking Star is usually scheduled to arrive in Barcelona at 7 to 8 am and depart at 1 pm or 5pm depending on the itinerary.

Map Barcelona cruise ship dock Moll Adossat pier

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MV Viking Star is the lead ship of the Viking Star class of cruise ships, and the first such ship operated by Viking Ocean Cruises, a division of Viking Cruises. She entered service in April 2015. She is an all-veranda small ship, with just 930 passengers.  Length: 745 feet Beam: 94 feet Class: small ships.

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