FAQ. When will the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona be finished?

FAQ. When will the Sagrada Familia be finished?


When will the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona be finished?

Answer. The Sagrada Familia church is planned to be finished in the year 2026.

Of course no-one knows for sure which year the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona will be completed but the goal is this magnificant chruch will be completed in 2026

The completion year of 2026 marks the 100 year centenary of the architect Antoni Gaudi's death in 1926 in a tram accident.

If the Sagrada Familia church is finished in 2026, it will be 144 years after the foundation stone was laid. The current chief architecht is Jordi Fauli.

The amazing interior was completed and opened to the public in 2012.  

In 2023 the church was 80% completed.

Watch a video animation of how much of La Sagrada Familia has been built and how much still needs building.

La Sagrada Familia church is a church in Barcelona that is still unfinished even though construction work began in 1882.

It is Barcelona's most famous tourist attraction and is seem by over 3 million visitors a year.

It was designed by famous Antoni Gaudiover 100 years ago. When the foundation stone was laid in 1882 the area around the church was mostly empty land.

When Gaudi died in 1926 only a small part had been built. Gaudi knew it would take a long time to build such a lavish temple and he once said, "My boss is not in a hurry."

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