Where is the Canaletes drinking fountain?

Where is the fountain La Font de Canaletes in Barcelona?

Where is the 'FC Barcelona' fountain on La Rambla? La Font de Canaletes is on La Ramblas street in Barcelona, just a few steps from central square Plaza Catalunya - click on the link Map Font de Canaletes to see the exact location. The fountain is famous for two reasons. The first reason is the legend that, if you drink water from the fountain, then you will always come back to Barcelona. The other reason La Font de Canaletes is famous is that fans of FC Barcelona football club gather at this fountain following winning major football title victories.

Font de Canaletes Barcelona

The Canaletes fountain is a drinking fountain and lamp-post on the section of La Rambla street on the section called "Rambla de Canaletes." The fountain itself is not particulary unique and the present Canaletes fountain is from the late 19th century when it replaced an older fountain that dated back to the 16th century. The fountain name comes from the 14th century northern wall of the city, which was called Canaletes because of the water pipes that went through this wall section to supply the medieval walled city of Barcelona with water. Barcelona's medieval city walls do not exist any longer. They were demolished in the late 19th century.

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The present day La Font de Canaletes fountain is famous for two reasons. The first reason is that there is a legend that if you drink the water from the Canaletes fountain then you will always come back to Barcelona.

There is even a small brass plaque in the ground by the Canaletes fountain to warn visitors that if they drink they will come back one day. The water is very safe to drink so do not be afraid to drink from the fountain. It might work!

The Canaletes fountain in Barcelona is also famous because the fans of Barcelona's famous football team FC Barcelona traditionally gather here to celebrate the team's title victories after Barça football matches. They have done this since the 1930s. 

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