FAQ. What are names of Barcelona beaches

Names Barcelona beaches - beaches in Barcelona

FAQ. What are names of Barcelona beaches?

Below you can find names of Barcelona's nine beaches. Read more about Barcelona beaches and see pictures of Barcelona beaches.

Barcelona has some of the best city beaches in the world.

Beach is called " Playa " in Spanish and " Platja " in Catalan.

From south to north there are nine beaches in the city of Barcelona, which get over 3.5 million visits a year making them one of Barcelona's top attractions.

The beaches are clean, safe and patrolled by lifeguards and police during the summer months. Usually the beaches are open from April to September.

From 2022, smoking is forbidden on all Barcelona beaches.

Overview all Barcelona beaches
Sant Sebastià beach  (most southerly)
Sant Miquel beach
Somorrostro beach
La Barceloneta beach
La Nova Icària beach
Bogatell beach
La Mar Bella beach
La Nova Mar Bella beach
Llevant beach (most northerly)
Banys Forum - bathing area Parc del Forum

How to get to Barcelona beaches

All Barcelona beaches are all on the yellow metro line L4.

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