Is it safe to buy beers and mojitos from street vendors in Barcelona?

FAQ. Is it safe in Barcelona to buy alcohol from street sellers and vendors?

It's up to your own judgement to decide if it's safe. It's generally safe in the sense that you very rarely be robbed, but there are some potential risks.

If you are on beach and offered mojito cocktails - or out at night in Barcelona and offered cans of beer from street sellers then be aware of the potential risks! 

Dangerous and potientally deadly E.coli bacteria has been found in cocktail ingredients and beer cans.

This is because many street sellers typically store their ingredients and beer cans under manhole covers of sewage drains and in garbage containers!

E.coli infections can be very nasty cause bloody diarrhea, severe anemia and kidney failure, which can lead to death.

On the moral side, while it might seem convenient and a little cheaper than going to a bar, it's completely illegal and the street sellers don't pay taxes or VAT. 

Their sales also hurt local bar and restaurant owners who are paying rent, wages and taxes. 

Finally it often creates litter as many cans and plastic cups are left on the beach and the street.

Add all these reasons up and we your conclusion might be, that it is a better idea to buy cold beers and clean cocktails in bars - or in the some of the many convenience stores in Barcelona.

Please note too that street sellers are fundamentaly decent people who have not had the opportunites that many other have and therefore are not perhaps fully integrated into society. They are just trying to make a living. So please always show the utmost compassion and respect. If you want to support the less priviliged, please also consider making a donation to one of the many charity organisations that work tirelessly to help immigrants and the underprivileged

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