FAQ. What is sea water temperature Barcelona beaches

FAQ. Barcelona Sea water Temperatures

What is sea water temperature of Barcelona beaches?
Can you swim all year round at Barcelona beaches?
When can you swim at the beach in Barcelona?
Which months can you swim at beach in Barcelona?"

Yes it is safe to swim at Barcelona's beaches. There are no dangerous currents and rarely big waves. But we advise you only to swim during the summer months when there are lifeguard services on duty and when the green safety flag is up which indicates that it is safe to swim.

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Regarding sea water temperatures of Barcelona beaches and beaches near Barcelona. You can swim comfortably in the sea at the beaches of Barcelona for around four or five months of the year from end of May to end of September. The warmest and best months for swimming in the sea are July, August and September. Here are the following average temperatures at the Barcelona beaches and beaches near Barcelona.

Swimming months Barcelona beaches and coast

March: Water 14 - 16 degrees Celcius - cold
April: Water 17 - 19 degrees Celcius - chilly
May: Water 18 - 20 degrees Celcius - chilly
June: Water 20 - 22 degrees Celcius - nice
July: Water 23 - 25 degrees Celcius - nice
August: Water 24 - 26 degrees Celcius - lovely
September: Water 24- 25 degrees Celcius - lovely
October: Water 20 - 22 degrees Celcius - nice

Early October is really the last chance to swim in the sea at Barcelona beaches without too much discomfort. From November to April the beaches are closed and the water temperature is around 12 to 14 degrees Celcius. This is still nice for surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers, who you will often see surfing in Barcelona and on the beaches outside Barcelona.

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