Do people speak English in Barcelona?

Do they speak English in Barcelona?

This answer is Yes. Many people speak English and especially the people that tourists generally come into contact with, perhaps with the exception of taxi drivers.

English is quite widely spoken in Barcelona, especially in the tourist industry and by many young Spanish/Catalan people.

Taxi drivers generally do not speak much English and the elder generation generally do not speak very much English.

Barcelona has many expat residents most of whom speak English.

The local languages spoken in Barcelona are Spanish/Castilian and the Catalan language.

In general we would say that Spanish and Catalan residents in Barcelona do not have the same high level of English compared to say The Netherlands or Scandinavian countries, however Barcelona welcomes millions of tourists every year and in hotels and restaurants staff and waiters generally speak quite good English

To be polite and ask someone if they speaks English try saying:

Se habla Ingles? in Spanish language (castilian) 


Parles anglès? in Catalan language.

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