Pictures Bestiari Historic de Barcelona

Bestiari Historic de Barcelona

The “Bestiari Historic de Barcelona” (bestiary of Barcelona) is a collection of stories or legends based on real and imaginary animals figures and an important part of Barcelona and Catalunya cultural tradition. Papier-mâché figures of these creatures are the stars of processions at Barcelona festivals especially during big events like the Santa Eulalia and la Mercè Festival. Each creature has a legend and store created over time linked to biblical scenes and the lives of Saints. The dragons and the imaginary animal “la tarasca” represent the devil. The ox and the mule are part of the birth of Christ. The lion and the eagle represent Saint Mark and Saint John and the mules are linked to Saint Anthony. In Catalunya these figures can be documented as far back as the 6th century.

The Beasts of Barcelona are:

L’Àliga – the eagle

El Lleó – the lion

La Mulassa – the mule

El Bou – the ox

La Víbria - the female dragon

El Drac – the dragon
La Tarasca – fantasy creature

Els Cavallets Cotoners – the cotton horses

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