FAQ. Is smoking allowed in Camp Nou Stadium?

Is smoking allowed in Camp Nou Stadium

Can you smoke at FC Barcelona football stadium Camp Nou?

The answer is no. Camp Nou does not allow smoking anywhere on the stadium grounds. FC Barcelona has a total ban on smoking at the stadium, so you cannot smoke anywhere inside Camp Nou. Smoking at Barca's football ground was permitted until 2011 but smoking is no longer allowed at Camp Nou stadium.

The smoking ban is for all areas of the Camp Nou stadium including the stands and the areas outside the stands. There are no special smoking areas at Camp Nou. The first smoke-free game at the Camp Nou since the stadium was opened in 1957, was played in January 2012 and in 2013 Barca also sponsored a quit-smoking campaign called "Quit smoking with Barça” which is no longer active.

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