Is it safe to buy beers from street vendors in Barcelona?

Is it safe to buy beers from Barcelona street sellers?

No. Not really. It is not advisable. If you are out at night in the Gràcia or Ciutat Vella areas of Barcelona and popular tourist areas like Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas walking street, then you there are often street sellers who sell cans of beer (cervesas).. We advise you not to buy beer from street vendors.

First of all the beers are not cold. In itself that is a "crime" in a hot climate, in our opinion. If that is not bad enough for you then consider this; there is a definite health risk, because many of the street vendors store their beer cans under sewer manhole covers, which is extremely unsanitory.

On the moral side, while it might seem convenient and €1 cheaper than going to a bar, it's illegal and it hurts local bar and restaurant owners. 

Finally it often creates litter as many cans are left on the street.

Add all these reasons up and the conclusion is that it is a better idea to buy cold and bug-free beers in bars or in the many convenience stores in Barcelona.

So please. Be a considerate tourist and don't buy illegal wares.
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